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Temperature Controllers Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters

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Tel No. 0233 - 2644042 / 9168324851 / 9225250432
Industrial Automation, Isolator, Dc Current Isolator-Single Input Single Output, Dc Current Isolator-Single Input Dual Output Dc Current Isolator-Dual Input Dual Output, Isolated Signal Convertor -Current To Voltage Conv...More

Tel No. 022 - 66978019 / 9860525283
Mfrs.Of Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments, Transformers, Cable Testing Equipments, Testing Insulations, Low Resistance Meters, Micro OHM Meters, Temperature Industrial Digital, Testers, Testing Equipments For Switc...More

Tel No. 240 - 2555645 / 9765499822 / 9422211819
Dealers & Resellers OF Ingersoll Rand Ltd. Reciprocating Compressors And Screw Compressors, Air Dryers, Receivers, Air Filters, Air Audit Solutions, Mercury Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd. Hydro-Pneumatic Presses, Pneumatic Cylinde...More

PUNE- 411035 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 46703636 / 9881494339 / 9422084339
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Data Loggers, Process Control Instruments, Process Data Loggers, Scanning Systems, Circular Chart Recorders, Strip Chart Recorders, Process Indicators, Alarm Annunciators, Data Acquisition Contr...More

Tel No. 022 - 42555353 / 28963823 / 42555333 / 9137128530 / 9137128520
Digital Temperature Indicators / Controllers, Process Control Instruments, Linerized Temperature Indicators / Controllers, Digital Temperature Scanners, Microprocessor Based Data Logger, Signal Convertor / Isolator Modul...More

PUNE- 411062 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 8378848736 / 8975966868
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Gas Nitriding Furnace, Heat Treatment Furnace, Furnace Spare Part And Reconditioning Work, Gas Nitriding Heat Treatment Furnace, Heat Treatment Services, Furnace, Gas Nitriding Job Work, Autho...More

PUNE- 411041 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 8551935858 / 7769827676 / 7769857676 / 9637419123
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Fhp Geared Motors, Induction Motors, Gear Boxes, Electric Motors, Industrial Motors, P.M.D.C.Motors, AC Motors, FHP Motors, Geared Boxes, FHP Geared Motors, Miniature Motors, Ac Conveyor Motors,...More

PUNE- 411041 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9371067651 / 7709013232
Authorised Dealers For DELTA, AC Drives, AC Servo Systems, Communication Module, Counters, Timer Tachometers, Encoders, HMT, PLCs, SMPS,Temperature Controllers, AC Geared Motors, BLDC Motors, Sensors, Steeper Motors ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9930994984 / 9930334985
AC Drive / VFD, PLC / HMI, Servo Drive, Motor, PID Encoder, Sensors, Control Panels, Energy Monitoring Systems, Flow Meters / Controllers, Level Transmitters, Pressure Gauges, Temperature Transmitters ...More

Tel No. 022 - 67419333/ 4 / 8369253519
Industrial Automation Systems, Programmable Controller, Programmable Terminal, Motion Control, Photoelectric Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Vision Sensor, Measurement Sensor, Safety Products, RF-ID Systems, Temperature Contro...More

Tel No. 0250 - 2393768 / 2393769 / 9820513902
Temperature Controllers, Process Control Instruments, Indicators, Timers, Transmitters, PIDs, Portable Indicators, Temperature Sensors, Instrumentation Cable, Flame Proof Equipments, Jumbo 4 Display Indicator, Length Met...More

THANE- 400602 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 25444055 / 9953406154
Twin Screw Extruders, Single - Screw Extruder, Chill Roll Lines With Single And Multi Layers, Hydraulic Presses, High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces,3D Optical And Contact Surface Profilers, QX line of capsules For WET- SEM...More

THANE- 421204 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 8652586999 / 8652585999 /9821878714
Manufacturing of All type of Electrical & Gas Fired Industrial furnace, Oven & Dryer, Conversion of LNG /LPG Furnace to Electric Furnace Or Vise Versa, Semi & Fully Automatic LNG/LPG Burners, Burner Sequence Controllers,...More

Tel No. 0231 - 2652054 / 9158772111 / 9158999777
Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of SMTL Industrial Automation Products / Instruments like Inductive / Proximity Sensors, Analog Inductive / Proximity Sensors, Capacitive Inductive / Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sens...More

THANE- 400701 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 27603218 / 27603199 / 27641787 / 27640044
Inner Tube Machine, Bladder Curring Press, Tyre Building Machine, Hot Feed Extruder, Bag-o-Matic Tyre Curing M/C, Steel Industries, Tyre Machinery, Tube Machinery, Rubber Machinery, Cement Machinery & Allied Industries M...More

PUNE- 411026 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9860423291
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Furnace Oven, Forging Furnaces, Aluminium Holding Furnaces, Aluminium Melting Furnace, Annealing Furnace, Bogie Hearth Furnaces, Ceramic Fibre Material, Ceramic Ropes, Ceramic Tubes, Control Pan...More

Tel No. 022 - 22066015 / 22067611
Heating Control, Heating Elements, Electronic Components, Cooling Thermostats, Energy Regulators, Switches, Measuring Instruments, Indicators, Neon Lamps, Resistance Wires, Ribbons and Strips. Rocker Switches, Dumet and ...More

PUNE- 411002 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 24479210 / 9822307797 / 9372273301
Data Loggers, Data Processing Software, Data Display Systems, Data Communication Connectors, Data Acquisition Systems, Digital Indicators, Digital Counters, Electronic Instruments, Flow Indicators, Flow Sensors, Flow Con...More

PUNE- 411041 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9552567567
Manufacturer Of Pump Controller, GSM based Mobile Pump Controller, Auto Switch, Dental Chair Controller, Operation Table ( OT ) Controller, Gynec Table Controller, Patient Bed Controller, Medical Power Supply, SMPS, Batt...More

PUNE- 411033 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 8007686946 / 9921574108
Process Control Instruments, Ferrule Printers, Ferrule Printing Machines, Tube And Label Printers, Tube Printers, Industrial Automation Services, Industrial Marking Solutions, Ink Ribbon Cartridges, Label Tapes, Ferrule ...More

THANE- 421203 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 9820504011 / 9869371486 / 8850233938
Manufacturer, Supplier and Trader of Lab Testing Chamber, Laboratory Incubators, Ovens & Dryers, Muffle Furnaces, Laboratory Bath Equipment, Laboratory Centrifuges, Lab Testing Equipments, Temperature Controllers. ...More

PUNE- 411046 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9850045553
Switchgears, Apfc Relays, Battery Chargers, Cable Glands, Cables, Contactors, Control Gears, Current Transformers, Earthing Plates, Electrical Goods, Exhaust Fans, Gi Strips, Glands, Industrial Fans, Industrial Plugs, Lo...More

PUNE- 411026 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 8605009849 / 9822833646
Control Panels, Control Transformer, Line Chokes Manufacturer, Industrial Automation, Automation Products, Control Panel, PLCS Scada Project, Ac Drives, Control Panels, HMI Control Panels, PLC, Process Control Instrument...More

Tel No. 022 - 65948121 / 9821214014
Lab Instruments, Lab Equipments, Laboratory Instruments, BOD Incubators, Stability Chamber, Incubator, Auto Claves, Hot Air Oven, Laboratory Oven, Vacuum Oven, Deep Freezer, Tempeature Controllers ...More

THANE- 421202 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9820300308
Oscilloscpe, Multimeter, Power Supply, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Thermal Imager, Electrical Tool Kit, Clamp Meter, Earth Tester, Meggr, H.V. Tester, Frequency Meter, LCR Meter, Logic Analyzer, R.F Instruments,...More

PUNE- 411002 ,INDIA
Tel No. 020 - 2479210 / 9372273303
Data Loggers, Data Processing Software, Data Display Systems, Data Communication Connectors, Data Acquisition Systems, Digital Indicators, Digital Counters, Electronic Instruments, Flow Indicators, Flow Sensors, Flow Con...More

Tel No. 0 - 9869569782 / 9594079782
ManufacturerOf Laboratory Chemicals, Dehumidifiers, Weighing Scales, Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, Furnaces, Conductivity Meters, Laboratory Testing Equipments, Laboratory Instruments, Temperature Controllers, Vacuum Oven...More

Tel No. 0 - 9930223110
Authorised Stockist Of Qualigens Range Of Product, Fisher Scientific Part Of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dlrs.In Laboratory & Industrial Chemicals, Surgical Items, Test Sieves, Scientific Instruments & Equipments, thermome...More

Tel No. - 9763208649 / 9552563468
Servo Stabilizers, APFC Control Panels, Power Distribution Panel, Online UPS, Temperature Controllers, Timers, Transformers, Isolation Transformers, Step Down Transformers, Single Phase, Three Phase Transformers, Indust...More

Tel No. 79 -
AC Drives, AC Power Supplies Drives, Variable Speed Drives, Inverter, D.C.Motor, Temperature Controller ...More

Tel No. 022 - 22064800 / 01 / 02 / 03 / 05 / 06
Wholesale and Distribution Segment of the Automation Industry With An Extensive Array of Industrial Switchgear and Automation Products Like Micro Switches, PLC Systems, Electric Relays, Power Contactors, Proximity Sensor...More

Tel No. 022 - 22064800/01/02/03
Wholesale, Distributor of an extensive array of Micro Switch, PLC System, Electrical Relays, Electrical Switchgear, Switch Mode Power Supply, Power Contactor And Capacitor, Limit Switch, etc ...More

Tel No. 022 - 26102833 / 26102866 / 9822301890
Marketing and Distribution of Products, Melt Pressure Transducers & Transmitters, Pressure & Temperature Indicators & Controllers, Linear Position Sensors. ...More

THANE- 400705 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 27782005
Temperature controller, Ammonia Valves, Industrial Automation Products, Control Panel etc. ...More

DELHI- 110096 ,INDIA
Tel No. 11 - 22612177
Temperature PID/ Process Controllers/ Indicators/ Scanners, Thyristor ( SCR ) Power Controllers, Hot Runner Temperature Control Systems and Accessories, Solid state Relays ( SSR’ ), Thyristor Power Control Panels, Dydac ...More

Tel No. 80 - 42802345 / 42802323
Electronic Timers, Digital Timers, Programmable Annunciator, Auxiliary Relays, Digital Time Switch, Electronic Solid-State Buzzer, Sequential Timers - S Series, Combination Timers, Energy Meter, Temperature Controller, P...More

DELHI- 110034 ,INDIA
Tel No. 011 - 42863091 / 41543666 / 9315952299 / 9871090354
Manufacturer of Digital Temperature Controller, Digital Temperature Indicator Meter, Digital Humidity Controller, Digital Humidity Indicator Meter, Digital Timer, Digital Counter, On-Off Cyclic Timer, ANDON Display Board...More

Tel No. - 9967463459 / 9820516376
Temperature Sensors, Process Control Indicators & Controllers, Customized Process Monitoring & Control Systems and Instrumentation. Temperature Monitoring Systems, Temperature Controllers, RTD Temperature Sensor, Power &...More

Tel No. 240 - 2553396 / 9960653310 / 738540580
Manufacturers Of Industrial Automation Systems, AC Drive, CNC Controller, PLC, Temo. Controller, HMI / MMI, Timers / Counters / Tachometers / SMPS, Laser Marker, Comm Module, Encoder, Vision System, Laser Marker / Comm M...More

PUNE- 411041 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 9167733037
Power Supply, Relay, Sensor, Ethernet switch, Surge Protection device, Temperature Controller, Industrial Relay, Pressure Transmitter, Flow Meter, Incremental Encoder. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 8591987920
leading Indian manufacturer of process control instrumentation products like PIDs, Controllers, RH, T & DP products, FLP products, Transmitters, Isolators, Thermocouples, RTDs, Validation ports, Level Products, Control p...More

Tel No. - 9619091022 / 9373658661
Contactor, Capacitor Duty Contactor, Power Contactor, CT, Gear Box, Hindustan Motor, Limit Switch, Lugs and Glands, Lugs Glands, MCB, MCCB, Meter, Analog Meter, Digital Meter, Hour Meter, Multi Function Meter, MPCB, Pane...More

Tel No. 0 - 9320057837 / 9324611906
Manufacturing and Servicing of Lab Equipment, Overhead Stirrer, Magnetic Stirrer, Lab Oil Bath, Lab Oil Bath Cum Magnetic Stirrer, Lab Oil Bath, Heater Temp. Control, Multi Channel Temp. Indicators, Temperature Controlle...More

Tel No. 0 - 8793286086 / 9022000000
Relay Guard, SMPS, Digital Meter, Temperature Controller, Conectwell. ...More

PUNE- 411026 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9158595737
Manufacturer of Temperature sensors, Thermocouples, Thermowell. ...More

Tel No. 080 - 23450726, 9448397340
Manufacturing and supplying of Temperature Controllers, Oven and Furnace, Digital Timer, Control Panel. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9500934499 /9789484499
Industrial Automation, AC Drives, AC Servo Motor and Drive, Temperature controller, Programmable Logic Controller, Human Machine Interface, Timer/Counter/Tachometer, Rotary Optical Encoder, Industrial Power Supply, Press...More

Tel No. - 9833249017
Deals in all types of Automation Product. PLC, Switches, Timer, Temperature Controller, Process Indicators, Counters, Digital Meters, Digital Ammeters, Analog Meter, Power Factor Controller. ...More

Tel No. 044 - 25961145 / 9840270560
Manufacturers And Exports All Types Of Industrial Electric Heaters, Heating Elements, Band Heater, MICA Band Heaters, Ceramic Band Heaters, Strip Heaters, Tubular Heaters, Cartridge Heater, Cast-In Heaters, Roller Heater...More

Tel No. 080 - 28446890/91/92/95
Thermocouples, RTD's, Heaters, Heating Equipments, Accessories ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9448194017, 9844015217
Mica Band Heater, Ceramic Band Heater, Strip & Flat Heater, Low Density Cartridge Heaters, Split Type Cartridge Heater, High Density Cartridge Heater, Ceramic Cartridge / Bobbin Heater, Tubular Heaters, Cast In Heaters,...More

Tel No. 0 - 9246103802
Temperature Controllers, Temperature Indicators, Digital Timers, Digital Counters, RPM Indicators, Poultry Incubator Controller, Pressure Indicators. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9246160928 /9849040928
Industrial Process Control Instruments. Temperature Indicators, Temperature Controllers, Timers, Counters, Panel Meters, Corrugation controller, Blood bank controller, Incubator Controller. ...More

Tel No. - 9833249017
Traders of Automation Product, Switches, Timer, Temperature Controller, Processor Indicator, Counters, Digital Meters, Digital Ammeters, Analog Meter, Power Factor Controller. ...More

PUNE- 411002 ,INDIA
Tel No. 020 - 24450433 / 24457333
Deals in all kinds of Electric & Electronic Test & Measuring & Automation Instruments like Digital Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Timers, Counters, Temperature Controllers, Phase Failure Relays, Digital Panel Meters. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9373071008
Industrial Equipment Suppliers, Temperature Controls, Current Transformers, SMPS Relays Cards, Heavy Duty Connectors, Push Buttons, Tower Lights, Glands, Foot Switches, Cooling. ...More

PUNE- 411007 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 8805167727
Band Heaters, Cables, Cartridge Heaters, Circuit Breakers, Contactors, Electric Motors, Electronic Components, Infrared Heaters, Measuring Instruments, Strip Heaters, Temperature Controllers, Thermocouples, Thread Gauges...More

Tel No. 0 - 9843154609
AC Drives, Delta AC Motor Drives, Programmable Logic Controller, Temperature Controllers, Control Panels, Rotary Optical Encoders, INDUSTRIAL PC. ...More

Tel No. - 9757035331
VFD, SMPS, Temp Controller, Timer, Power Supply, AC Drive, PLC, HMI, Relays, Tower Lamps, Pilot Lamp, MCB, MCCB, Limit Switch, Sensors. ...More

Tel No. - 9894207285
Deals with Air Dryers, Air Receivers, Auto Drain Valve, Temperature Controller and Filters. ...More

Tel No. 044 - 43560636
Our products include PID Controllers, Digital Timers, Temperature Controllers, Analog Timers, Process Indicators, Cooling Controllers, LED Counters, Rate Meters, ...More

Tel No. 0422 - 4218101
Our Products include Timers, Sensors, Counters, Process Meters, RPM Indicators, Temperature Controllers. ...More

NOIDA- 201301 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0120 - 4223993
Imported Used Plastic Injection Molding Machines, Tool Room Machines, Retrofitting PLC Controllers, Linear Scales, Temperature Controllers, Grinder Machines, Hopper Loaders, Hopper Dryer, ...More

PUNE- 411041 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 7350004757
Wholesale Trader of Relay Interface Module, Patch Panel, Temperature Controller. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 8080654441
Manufacturing Of Wide Range Of Industrial Electrical & Electronics Products Smps, Solid State Relay, Photoelectric Sensors, Temperature Controller , Limit Switch. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 7397439283
Furnaces, Industrial Heaters, Thermocouples, Temperature Controllers. ...More

Tel No. 0821 - 2512599 | 4280185
Automation Products, AC Drive, PLC, SMPS, AC Servo System, Temperature Controller, Encoder, SCADA, Control Panel. ...More

PUNE- 411033 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 9822339869
Process Automation Products, Level Indicators, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Sensors, Oil Level Switches , Magnetic Float Switch, Level Sensors. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 8866384211
SCR Power Regulator, SSR (Solid State Relay), HMI Touch Panel, Temperature Controller, Panel Meter, Sensor. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9886674122
Temperature Controllers / Temperature Indicators, Temperature Control System, Differential Controllers, Process Indicator, Process Controller, Pressure Controller, Solid State Relays. ...More

NOIDA- 201301 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0120 - 5310993
Manufacture and trade of Industrial Electronic Products, PID Controllers, Temperature Controllers. ...More

Vashi MahaTech
Pune MahaTech
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