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Selwel Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 9860822999 / 9552550735
Welding Machine, 3M Electrical Epoxy Powders, Electrical Epoxy Powder, Electrical & Electronic Resins, Adhesive Tapes, Adhesive Laminating Tape, Multipurpose Spray Adhesive, 3M 700R Taping Machine, Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tape, Double Side Foam Tape, Double Side Tissue, Polyster Tapes, High Temprature Adhesive Lamination Tapes, 3M Masking Tapes, VHB Tapes, Tape Dispencer, Transfer Adhesive Tape, Foil, Adhesive Tape, Die Cut Tape Products, High Temprature Masking Tapes, Sil Sponge Rubber, UV Cure Adhesive, Chip Bonding Glue, Chip Bonding Glue, Heat Sink Adhesives, Adhesive Sequencing Tape, Non-Adhesive Sequencing Tape, Sequencing Tapes, Stretch Pe Butyl Adhesive - Tapes, Rubber Cushion Pad, ELGI Air Compressors BOSCH Power Tools, Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Machines, Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Machines Accessories, DH Welding Electrodes, Supratherme Low Hydrogen Electrodes For Pressure Vessel Applications, Heavey Duty Arc Welding Transformers, Crni Alloy Electrodes For Special Applications, Maintenance Welding Electrodes, L&T Maintenance Welding Alloys & Solutions, Thyristorised MIG/CO2 Welding Machines, Zuperarc 400T / 600T Inverter DC Welding Rectifiers & TIG Welding Sources, Digital MIG Welding & Brazing Powder Sources, Diode Based MIG/CO2 Welding Machines Zuperarc 300/400, Placut Range Of Plazma Cutting Machines, Maintenance Welding Alloys & Solutions, MARPOL Powder Coatings, Pure Epoxy Powder Coating, Indoor Use Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating, Polyester Powders, Polyester Powders Coating, Powder Coating Services, Powders For Aluminium Components, Powders For Aluminium Sections, Powders For Pannel Applications, Powders For Two Wheeler Industries, TEADIT Fluid Sealing Solutions, Gland Packing & Gaskets, Gasket Sheets, Valve & Pump Packings, Metalic Gasket, Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant & Sheets, Expansion Joints, Industrial & Textile Gaskets, Eptfe Ropes & Tapes, Stuffing Box Gland Ropes, Graphite / Carbon Gland Ropes, Spiral Wound Gaskets, Specially Lubricants, Oils, Greases, Maintenance Aerosol Sprays, VCI Products, 'Kyodo-Yushi' Oils & Greases, Stainless Steel Welding Conumables, SS MIG Welding Wire, SS TIG Filler Rod, SS SAW Welding And Fixures, Welding Equipments, Inverter Welding Rectifiers, Digital MIG / CO2 Welding Machines, TIG Welding Machines, CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) Welding Machines, Special Welding Equipments, Pulse MIG Brazing Machines, Welding Accessories & Torch Spares, MIG Welding Torches & Spares , TIG Welding Torches & Spares, Welding Accessories, Robotic MIG Welding Torches & Spares, Robotic MIG Welding Cones & Conduits, Welding Cables, Fume Extraction Systems, Welder's Safety Wares & Accessories, Messer Gas Regulator, Cutters, Brazing Torch, Gas Savers, MIG Welding Torches, Spares & Accessories Suitable For Benzil, TBI, Panasonic, OTC, ESAB Make Torches, Pneumatic & Automation Products, Pneumatic Cylinders, Electro Mechanical Drives, Grippers, Vacuum Technology, Valves, Valve Terminals, Sensors (Proximity & Inductive), FRL's & Compressed Air Preparation, Pneumatic Tubings & Fittings, Image Processing Systems, On Line Quality Inspection Systems

Geo Lube Oil Services - Addinol Maharashtra
Contact Person: MS.USHA MATHEW
Tel No. 0 - 9819404295 / 9136110076
We are importing Addinol from Germany, ADDINOL Lubricants, Industrial Oil, Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Compressor Oil, Greases And Pastes. Distribution Lubricants Reveal Their Full Performance In Symbiosis With En- Gines, Drives, Chains, Bearings And Hydraulic Systems. Engine Oils, Engines Operated With Gas, Universal Tractor Oils, Automotive Transmission Oils, Automatic Transmission Fluids, Anti Corrosion Oils, Chain Lubricants, Compressor Oils, Cylinder Oils, Gas engine Oils, Guideway Oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Hydraulic Fluids, Industrial Gear Oils, Lubricants For Food industry, Lubricating Greases, High Temperature Greases, Special Applications, Mould Release Oils, Refrigerator Oils, Special Products, Sprays, Transformer Oil, Turbine Oils, Vacuum Pump Oils, Lubricants for Food Industry.

United Petrochem Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 0 - 8586975925
Coolant, DEF, Oils/Lubricants, Greases, Car Perfumes and Car Care Products. OEM and 3rd party labeling.

Rotex Petrochemical Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. SURYA PRAKASH
Tel No. 040 - 23562383
We are Suppliers of all Types of Mineral, Synthetic & comprehensive Range of Automobile Lubricants like Mobil Oil and Automotive Oil such as DTE Mobil Oil, Delvac Mobil Oil.

Concept Engineering Solutions
Contact Person: MR. NIRNAJAN JENA
Tel No. 0 - 9348871450
Gates Brand Timing Belt, Ball Transfer Units, Super Precision Bearings, Kluber Grease.

Maitreya Sales And Services
Contact Person: MR. SAMIR BHAGWAT
Tel No. - 9920901699
Hi Temp Greases, Chain Oils, High Load Greases, Gear Oils, Nano Lubricants, Wire Rope Lubricant.

Industrial Oil Company
Tel No. - 9890569056
All types of Industrial Oil, Automotive Oil and Grease.

Jk Petroleum
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 9894655488
Manufactures the entire range of Industrial Lubricants, Automotive Lubricants, Greases, Marine Engine Oils, and Specialty Lubricant products

Sree Sharavana Tex Spares
Contact Person: MR. R. SELVARAJ
Tel No. 0 - 9363379925, 9364479925
Dealers in Textile Machine Spares, V-Belts, Bearings, Grease, Oil Paint & Hardwares.

Paras Lubricants Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. SUNIL K. JHA
Tel No. 022 - 67340555
Manufacturer of Lubricants, Oil, Grease, Base Oil, Additives.

Sealing Tech Inc.
Contact Person: MR. S. CAUTHAMAN - PARTNER
Tel No. 044 - 65373285
We Distributes Non Asbestos Gland Packings, Anti Vibration Mountings, Synthetic Lubricants, Greases, Switch Gear Products and Timing Belts.

Performance Products Ans Services
Contact Person:
Tel No. 044 - 24797611
Services is a Distributor of Tribol and Optimol Lubricants. Our Products Include Gear Oils, Gear Lubricant, Greases, Chain Oils.

Atma Lubricants & Specialities Ltd.,
Contact Person: MR. M. V. V. SATYANARAYANA
Tel No. 0866 - 2544491
Industrial Lubricants, Speciality Oils, Process Oils, Grease.

Tel No. 0 - 9321140813
Industrial & Automotive Lubricant & Greases, Base Oil.

Chemitech Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. SUBROTO DAS
Tel No. - 9970184064
Rally XX Engine Oils, Diesel Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils, Cutting Oils, Engine Oils, Greases, Die Release Lubricants etc

Lokseva Petroleum Agency
Tel No. - 9326553360
Distributors of Automotive & Industrial Oils, Greases.

Prabhu Traders
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 93322451300
Industrial Oil & Lubricants, Gear Oil, Gulf Lubricant Oil, Compressor Oil, Automotive Gear Oil, Air Compress Oil.

Raj Tools Centre
Contact Person: MR. SAIFUDDIN / MR. TAHER
Tel No. 0251 - 2621252
All kinds of Industrial Items, Power Tools, Drill, Taps, Hand Tools, Measuring Instruments, CNC Tooling, Welding Rods & Accessories, Safety Products, V Belt, Water Pump, Bandsaw Blade, Bearings & Grease, CNC Inserts, Brazing Tools, Precision Tool.

S.B. Traders
Contact Person: MR. S. K. BANSAL
Tel No. - 9272211244
Trading in V-Belts, Bearings, V-Groove Pulley, Solid Pulley, Grease, Star Couple.

Shree Mahadev Lubricants
Contact Person: MR. RAJESH MIRGH
Tel No. 0251 - 2732071 / 2703071
Manufacturer of Industrial Oil & Grease.

Aarna Lube Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: MS. DIPTI SAVE
Tel No. 0 - 9323353737
Lube Oils & Lubricants.

Arabian Petroleum Ltd
Tel No. 0251 - 2395600
Manufacturer in Industrial Lubricant Oils And Greases, Automotive Lubricants.

Indian Adhesives And Glues
Contact Person: MR. SHIVRAJ GHATGE
Tel No. 020 - 25652522
Adhesive, Brake Liner Automobile, Grease.

Shree Lubricant House
Tel No. - 9587898665
All Types of Lubricant Oils, Machinery Oils, Industrial Oils & Greases.

Bhiwadi Petrochem Pvt. Ltd./
Contact Person: MR. NARESH AGARWAL
Tel No. 1493 - 221598 / 223364
Industrial Oil, Lubricants & Grease.

Taurus Petroleums Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 40054318
Manufacturers and Exporters of High Viscosity Automotive Lubricants, Cable Jelly, Industrial Additives, Industrial Oil & Chemicals, Industrial Specialities, Industrial Waxes, Metal Working Oils, Industrial Greases, Industrical Lubricants, Waxes, Greases, Petroleum Jelly, Pharmaceuticals, Rubber Process Oils, Additives, Rail Road Engine Oils, Defence Oils & Lubricants, Marine Engine Oils, Rubber Process Oils Paraffinic, Automotive Greases, Automotive Oils, Brake Fluids, Broaching Oils, Chassis Greases, Cutting Oils.

Smg Gases & Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. SACHIN GUPTA
Tel No. 22 - 26556174
Supplier, Manufacturer And Exporter Of Grease, Grease Guns And Oil Feeders Lubricants, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Calibration Gas Mixtures, Gas Mixtures, Grease Feeders, Liquefied Natural Gases, Nitrogen Dioxide.

Molygraph Engineered Lubricants
Tel No. 22 - 28219292 / 98 / 99
Supplier And Manufacturer Of High Temp. Grease, Sepcail Type Grease, Lubricant Oil, Cutting Oil, Rust Preventives, Cleaners, Forging Oil, Gear Oils, Rust Preventives, Lubricating Oils, Pastes & Greases, Metal Working Fluids, Conveyor Chain Oils.

Bhiwadi Petrochem Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. NARESH AGARWAL
Tel No. 1493 - 221598 / 223364
Industrial Oil, Lubricants & Grease.

Mr. Anor Petroleum
Tel No. - 9823066967
Production of Liquid and Gaseous Fuels, Illuminating Oils, Lubricating Oils or Grease.

Petroleum Instruments (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. S. K. DAS
Tel No. 33 - 65692702
Manufacturer Fuel Transformer Oils, Furnace Oils & Lubricating Oils Testing Apparatus, Grease & Wax Testing Apparatus, Tar & Bitumen Testing Apparatus, Paint Testing Instruments.

Daya Sales Corporation
Tel No. 22 - 27606013
Mfg. Of Automotive Grease.

Jyoti Petrolubes
Contact Person: MR. SHRIYANSH JAIN
Tel No. - 9897556533
Manufacturers & Suppliers Industrial Grease. Auto Lubricants, Industrial Lubricant Oil, Automobile Grease.

Standard Greases & Specialties Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 22 - 27631002 / 1003
Mfg of Automotive Industrial Oil, Greases.

Stanlubes And Specialities India Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 22 - 65143796 / 65143627 / 65222338
Mfg of Quality Greases & Specialty Lubricants.

Turbhe Chemicals P.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 27687219 / 1373
Specialists In Lubricants, Greases.

Continental Petroleums Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 141 - 2222232 / 5111641
Manufacture Various Kinds Of Lubricants & Greases For Automotive & Industrial Application.

Cgr And Co.
Tel No. 731 - 2361698
Supplier And Distributor Of Engine Oil, Lubricants Oil, Grease.

Poona Pneumatic Company
Tel No. 20 - 27425890 / 27420163 / 9822196953
Air Compressors, Air Compressor Auto Drain, Air Compressor Parts, Air Compressor Spare Parts, Air Compressor Spares, Air Compressors, Air Compressors, Air Dryers & Filteration Equipments, Compressor Parts, Compressor Piston Rings, Compressor Regulators, Compressor Spare Parts, Compressor Spares, Compressor Valve Plates, Compressors, Compressors Accessories, Compressors For Rock Drilling Systems, Compressors Spares And Accessories, Connecting Rods, Connecting Rods For Air Compressors, Cylinder For Air Compressors, Diesel Portable Compressors, Dry Screw Compressor, Electric Air Compressors, Electric Powered Air Compressors, Garage Equipments, Greases, High Pressure Air Compressors, Industrial Air Compressor Spares, Industrial Air Compressors, Industrial Oil Bath, Lubricants, Lubricated Air Compressors, Oil Filter For Compressors, Oil Free Air Compressors, Oil Free Piston Compressors, Oil Free Screw Compressor, Oil Less Compressors, Pneumatic Tools, Portable Compressors, Portable Electric Air Compressors, Reciprocating Air Compressors, Reciprocating Compressors, Reciprocating Oil Free Air Compressors, Rotary Air Compressors, Rotary Compressors,Rotary Compressors, Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Screw Air Compressors, Screw Compressor, Screw Compressor Spares, Suction Filter For Compressors

A1 Adhesives And Sealants
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 26821686 / 26833748
Adhesives, Sealants, Lubricants, Rust Preventive Chemicals, Epoxies And Specialty Products Adhesives & Sealants, Rust Preventive Oils, Rust Preventives, Lubricants, Lubricant Greases, Lubricant Oils, Greases.

Chamy Engineering And Lubrications Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 9920337763
Industrial Oil and Grease.

Crossnet Products Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 8079447676
A Manufacturer of Finest Range of Industrial Aerosols, Cleaner & Degreasers, Industrial Oil & Lubricants, Industrial Paste, Industrial Greases.

Dynamic Enterprises
Tel No. 20 - 25436728
Dealers of Lubricating Oils, Greases & Specialities

Kemtree Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 28876337
Metal Working Fluids, Rust Presentative Oils, Industrial Oils, Lubricants And Greases.

Kiran Industrial Distributors
Contact Person: MR. MANOJ CHOUHAN
Tel No. - 9969524228 / 7666395591
Ball Bearing, Sleeves, Plumer Lock, Lock Nut Lock Washer,Grease,Oilseal, Nut Bolt, Tools Pneumetic Tools, Hose Clip SS,Ms,safety Product, Plumbing Joint, Welding Accessory, All kind of Engineering Tools

R.F.Varaiya And Co
Contact Person: MR. HARDIK VARAIYA
Tel No. 2525 - 252203 / 252760
Industrial Oils, Greases, Silicone Sealants, Water Proofing Chemicals, Safety Products, All Kinds of Tapes, Tarpaulins And Various Industrial Products

Raghunath K. Joglekar
Tel No. 20 - 24327499
All Types of Automotive & Industrial Oils And Greases And Speciality Lubricants

Agro Extracts Ltd.
Tel No. 80 - 28397275 / 28395928
Raw materials for Pharmaceuticals, Neem oil for Pharmaceuticals, Natural Oils and Grease for Industrial Use.

Caltex Spic India Ltd
Contact Person: MR. R. V. ADARKAR
Tel No. 44 - 28238450 / 28235547
Petroleum Based Fuels, Fluids, Industrial Oils, Lubricants, Greases.

Castrol India Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. S. M. DATTA
Tel No. 22 - 23632511 / 23635447
Petroleum Based Fuels, Fluids, Industrial Oils, Lubricants, Greases

Chevron Lubricants India Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. S. RAMASAMYAAAA
Tel No. 44 - 22416437
Petroleum Based Fuels, Fluids, Industrial Oils, Lubricants, Greases.

Dada Energies Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. DEEPAK DADA
Tel No. 40 - 23468334 / 23468335
Mineral Oils and Greases Oils.

Desai Electricals & Hardware
Contact Person: MR. VIKAS DESAI
Tel No. - 9920133345
Industrial Heaters, Lubricants & Greases, Aerosol Spray, Synthetic Greases, Hydraulic Fluids.

Neptune Oil Company
Contact Person: MR. MANOJ SHAH
Tel No. - 8048600199
Manufacturing, Supplying, Marketing & Exporting of Industrial Oils, Lubricating Greases, Lubricating Oils, Cutting Oils, Transformer Oils.

Rajen Engineering Stores
Contact Person: MR. ROHIN SANGHVI
Tel No. 22 - 66718857 / 66718858
Combustion Control, LED Lighting, Xiameter, CRC, Electrical Insulation, Specialty Tapes and Thermal Product, Speciality Lubricants & Greases, RTV Silicone Sealants, Pressure Switches.

Mars Petrochem Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. DARSHAN SHAH
Tel No. 22 - 65505615 / 07 / 08 / 23723836
Exxon Mobil Lubricants, Hydraulic Industrial Oils, Greases, Engine Oils, Automotive Lubricants.

Empire Lubricants Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. S.V.RAMAN
Tel No. 22 - 28264052 / 28345417
Lubricants & Specialities.

Infinity Corporation
Tel No. 253 - 6653242 / 9860601121 / 9890087861
Industrial Lubricants, Lubricants, Greases, Industrial Greases

Lubes & Greases
Contact Person: MR. HEMANT C. BELLE
Tel No. 44 - 52119752
Lubes, Greases.

Maklo Petrochem
Contact Person: MR. AMAR KUMAR
Tel No. - 9768521955
Dealers Lubricating Oils and Greases, Hydraulic Oils And Engine Oils

Mark Speciality (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. D.K. KUNTE
Tel No. 22 - 25394009 / 25381446
Semi Synthetic Cutting Coolants, Soluble Oils Rust Preservatives, Speciality Neat Oils, Quenching Oils, Polymer Quenchants, Greases, Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils And All Other Industrial Lubricants And Automotive Lubricants

Qualitech Industrial Products
Tel No. 22 - 25476281 / 6812
Screw & Recip Compressors, Lub & Oil Free Compressors, Air Dryers, Filters, Industrial Lubricants, Speciality Greases & Aerosols, Construction Equipments

Saharan Enterprises
Tel No. - 9049653331
Oil & Grease

Taurlube Petro Chemicals Pvt Ltd.
Tel No. - 9422004101
Metal Working Fluids , Rust Preventives and special Greases

Tradekong Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: MS. NIKITA SHANOJ
Tel No. - 9619589886
Agro-Implements, Special Paints, Automotive Lubricants & Greases, Agro Products & Commodities, Metal Scrap, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Wood, Commodity Trading, Children Clothing.

Triflow India
Contact Person: MR. AJITH M V
Tel No. - 9845523547
Food Grade Grease, Food Grade Oil, Synthetic Oil, Compressor Oil, Vacuum Oil.

Victor Group
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 23443088
Suppliers of Wire Rope Clamps, Grease, Potassium Permaget Crystal, Bentonite, Liquid Caustic Soda, Calcium Carbonate.

Power Lube
Contact Person: MR.NIRAV MEHTA
Tel No. 22 - 26865216 / 4983 / 9322287227
Authorized dealer of Castrol India Ltd. Automotive & Industrial Oil, Grease, Transformer oil, Liquid Paraffin Oil, Furnace Oil, Light Diesel Oil, H. T. Oil & Grease.

Lawas Lube Specialities
Contact Person: MR. RATAN B.KHAROL - (C.E.O)
Tel No. 22 - 27482762 / 64 / 8108600531
Synthetic Oil, Diesel Engine Oil, Engine Oil, Lubricant, Lubricants, Radiator Fluid, Break Fluid, Industrial Lubricant, Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oil, Fuel Additives, Greases, High Temperature Grease, Lubes Greases, Turbine Oil, Compressor Oils, Circulating Oi

Lopa Enterprises
Contact Person: MR.MEHTA
Tel No. 22 - 26865216 / 4983 / 9322287227
Lubricant Oil

Monisha Sales Corporation
Contact Person: MR. SURESH K.
Tel No. 22 - 27482762 / 64
Synthetic Oil, Lubricants , Coolant Oils, Greases, Bearing Lubricants, Mineral Oils, Two Stroke Engine Oil, Wheel Balancing Greases, Fatty Oils, Metal Drawing Fluid Oils, Machine Tool Way Oils, Radiator Coolant

Shree Laxmi C & F Services Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. DARSHAN SHAH
Tel No. 22 - 42133555
We are Manufacturer of All Kind of Industrial Oil, Gear Oil, Greases etc.

Asian Oil Company
Contact Person: MR. VINAY K.VORA - PROP.
Tel No. 22 - 23441746 / 3930
Mfg. Of White Oil, Industrial Oils, Transformer Oil, Sulphonate Petroleum Jelly & Wax Products, Light Liquid Paraffin, Petroleum Sulphonate, Paraffin Wax, Microwax, All Types Of Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil, Machine Oil, Petroleum Jelly IP/ BP / EP, Lubricants

Deepak Petroleum
Contact Person: MR. KEYUR THAKKAR
Tel No. 251 - 2871231
Furnace Oil, Lubricating Oil, Greases & All Kinds of Petroleum Products.

Delma Enterprises
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 9250749714
Leading Trader And Supplier Of Premium Quality Balmerol Greases And Balmerol Lubricants Oils.

Elixir Tools & Specialities Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. SUDHAKAR.S
Tel No. 80 - 23641647
Molygraf Grease, Chuck Paste, Rust Preventive Oil, Aerosol Spray.

Indo Petro
Contact Person:
Tel No. - 9999147573
All Type Of Industrial & Automotive Lubricant & Greases.

Krishna Enterprise
Contact Person:
Tel No. 422 - 6533030
Grease, Lubricant, Lubricant Industrial, Lubricant Oil, Lubricant Testing Service, Synthetic Oil, Wheel Bearing Grease.

Lemon Lubricants
Contact Person: MR. HARSH SHAH
Tel No. 22 - 28767206
Manufacture Of All Type Of Automotive And Industrial Lubricants, All Types Of Industrial And Automotive Lubricant Additive, Import, Export And Manufacture Of Base Oil, Lubricant, Grease, Additive,

Metro Lube Products
Contact Person:
Tel No. 422 - 6580280
Manufacturer of Industrial & Automative Lubricant, Metro, Lubricating Oils & Greases.

Pramod Trading Co.
Contact Person: MR. PRAMOD SHAH
Tel No. 2522 - 223827
Dealer of HP & Castrol & Gulf. Cutting Oil, Lubricant Oil, Machine Oil, Grease, Stain Remover, Textile Conning Oil, Base Oil, etc

R.F.Variya & Co
Contact Person: MR. HEMANT
Tel No. 2525 - 252203/ 252760
Lubricating Oil, Grease, Tyres & Tubes.

Super Lubricants Oil Company
Contact Person: MS. KALYANI KAPUR
Tel No. - 8879089784
Dealers of Engine Oil, Hydraulic Oils, Greases, Gear Oil, Turbine Oils, Furnace Oil, Cutting Oil.

Texxol Global
Contact Person: MR. SUNIL AHUJA
Tel No. - 9845059111
Industrial And Automotive Oils, Greases, Marine Oils, Metal Working Fluids, Textile Oils, Speciality Petroleum Products & Rust Preventive Oils.

Vatsalya Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. RAJA SHAH
Tel No. 22 - 28864574
Distributer And Trader Of Industrial Oil, Automotive Oil, Grease, Lubricants, Gear Oils

Sah Petroleums Ltd.
Tel No. 22 - 66301911 / 22873097 / 9004092066
Petroleum Products, Petroleum Additives

Tulja Enterprises
Tel No. - M - 94223 07044 / 94223 18757
Dealing in Industrial Oil & Grease, Material etc., Also Deals in Light Diesel Oil, Furnace Oil & Chemicals

Yogesh Lubricants
Tel No. 20 - 27129427 / 32302565 / M - 98505 55351
Dealers in Castrol, H.P., Servo & Ipol, All Types of Industrial Oil, Grease, V Belts, Cotton Waste & Hardware

M.R.Silicone Industries
Tel No. 22 - 28976177 / 28968673
Silicon & Silicone Products, Silicon Oil, M.P.Silicone Fluid, Thread Lubricants, Emulsion, Defoamer, Surfactant, Heat Sink Compound, Greases, Graphite Grease, Multi Purpose Grease, Chain Oil, Thread Lubricants, Amino Oil Emulsifier M.R., Poly ISO Butylene

Siddhi Trade Enterprise
Tel No. 22 - 29259073
Speciality Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, API, Lubricants & Additives, Magnesium Oxide, Veterinary Chemicals, Herbal Raw Materials

Shoven Silicones
Contact Person: MR. HARISH MEHTA - PROP.
Tel No. 22 - 26366867
Mfg., Distributor, Dealers Of Silicones, Silicone Products, Silicones For Textile Industries, Silicone Base Product, Hvg Compound, Silicone Oil

S.S.Trading Co.
Tel No. 20 - 24319150 / M - 97672 59466
Welding Equipments, Industrial Oils & Grease, Industrial Gases, Cutting Tools & Hardware, Safety Equipments

Aadishwar Distributers
Tel No. 217 - 2623406/ 2728933
Auth.Stockiest Lubricant Oil And Greases

Aarpee Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. SANJAY MESHRAM
Tel No. 712 - 2453917 / 6614851
All Kinds Of Lubricating Oils, Greases & Cutting Fluids

Accurate Trading Co.
Contact Person: MR. ABHAY AGARWAL
Tel No. 20 - M - 9890195571
Engine Oil, Lubricants, Greases, Truck Tyres & Other Spares

Al-Aman Mobiloil Company
Tel No. 253 - 2384466
Lubricants, Greases

Al-Aman Mobiloil Company
Contact Person: MR AMAN ARIF
Tel No. 0 - 9420889797
Manufacturer Of Quality Industrial And Automotive Lubricating Oils And Greases

Aman Associates.
Tel No. - M - 9370014700
Lubricant Oil, Greases

Arc Industrial Corp
Tel No. - 9983337310
Auth. Dealer For Industrial Valves, Industrial Lubricants & Grease

Arihant Tools Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. VIPUL SHAH
Tel No. 22 - 25151701
Tyre Retreading, Rasping Blades, Rasping Drums, Buffing Tacks, Synthetics P.P, Silifcone Grease & R Tools & Accessories

Ashwin Enterprises
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 24097863/ 24090169
Speciality Products Moly, Synthetic, Silicon, Graphite, Food Grade, High Temp.oil & Greases Of: Ultron, Yale, Mosil, Balmer Lawire, Oks, Klubber & Molykote (Dow Corning)

Asian Enterprises.
Tel No. 22 - 25171201
Supplier Of Oil & Grease

Balmer Lawrite & Co. Ltd
Contact Person: DR. R.F. MENEZES
Tel No. 832 - 2531205
Greases, Lubricants

Bharat Oil Agency
Contact Person: MR. ROHIT MUTHA
Tel No. 241 - 2777558
All Types Of Lubricants, Greases & Other Pertoleum

Bhartiya Petroleum
Contact Person:
Tel No. 0 - 9810027798
Deals In : All Type Of Industrial & Automotive Lubricants & Greases

Bombay Oil Products
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 23775675
Dealers Lubricants & Greases

Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 27693284
Fillers, Liquid, Powder, Granules, Paste, Paints, Greases, Weighmetric & Volumetric

Central Oil
Contact Person: MR. NIMISH THACKER
Tel No. - 9220527121
Petroleum Products, Speciality Oils, Lubricants & Greases

Chirag Lubricants
Contact Person: MR. DEVILAL KHAROL
Tel No. - 9324208877
All Types Of Speciality Lubricants, Kluber Lubricants, Silicon Oil & Greases, Like Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil, Engine Oil Soluble Cutting Oil, Broching Oil, Oil Transformer, Oil Thermic

Crescent Traders
Contact Person: MR. KARIM RAVJANI
Tel No. 22 - 27605259
Suppliers Of Industrial Machine Oil, Cuttingoil Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil, Textile Oil, Bearing Oil, Compressor Oil & All Types Of Greases.

D. P. Silicones
Contact Person: MR. DINESH L. MODI
Tel No. 22 - 28971487
All Types Of Silicone Grease, High Vacuum Grease, Heat Sink Compound, Lithium Grease, Ink Follower, Emulsifier, Silicone Emulsion, Silicone Defoamer, Textile Emulsion, Silicone Oil, Non Silicone Defoamer, Simethicone, Polybutenes, Thread Lubricants.

Dsl Marketing Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. SAMIR BHAGWAT
Tel No. 22 - 25448757
Industrial Lubricants, Greases, Aerosols Etc

Eastern Petroleum P. Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. RAJESH RATHI
Tel No. 22 - 25299990
Manufactures Of Petroleum Products, Wax, Jellys, Industrial Oil, White Oil, Greases, Industrial Lubricants

Exsan Specialities
Tel No. 22 - 27412367/8779735453
Greases, Lubricants, Car Care Products, Adhesives And Sealants

Fuchs Lubricants (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 0251 - 7119300
Marketing Of Industrial Lubricants, Lubricant Oil, Grease.

Goodluck Oil Center
Contact Person: MR.JOSHI
Tel No. 231 - 2672021
Dealers In Machine Oils, Cutting Oils, High Grade Oils & Greases, Hydraulic Oils & Cotton Waste

Goodluck Oil Centre
Contact Person: MR. JOSHI
Tel No. 20 - 27121324
Machine Oils, Cutting Oils, High Grade Oils & Greases, Hydraulic Oil & Greases, Cotton Waste

Gulf Oil Corporation Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. RAHUL KALE
Tel No. 22 - 66487777
Automotive And Industrial Lubricants And Greases

Gupta Oil Company
Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 25894614
Deals In: Full Range Of Industrial & Automotive Oils & Greases

Highway Lubricants
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 28597133
Lubricating Oils & Greases Of Ioc, Hpc, Bpc, Exxonmobil & Castrol, Mto-Ldo-Furnace Oils-Bitumen

Hindustan Petroleum Products (India)
Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 28313151
Deals In All Engine Oil, Compressor Oils, Turbine Oils, Hydraulic Oil, Cutting Oil, Heat Transfer Oil, Food Grade Oil & Greases

I B Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. SAMEER
Tel No. 20 - 26961777
Manufacturer Of Engine Oils, Gear Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Cutting Oil, Coolant, Break Fluid And All Types Of Greases

Industrial Care Services
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 23465890/ 23464256
Synthetic/ Silicon/ Food Grade Lubricants & Specialities, Engine Oils/ Hyd.Oils/ Gear Oils & Greases For All Types Of Diesel & Gas Generators, Tribol/ Opitimol/ Moluballoy, High Temp/ Silicon Greases

Industrial Lubricants And Greases
Contact Person: MR. AZIZ NASIR
Tel No. 20 - 32905152
Lubricants, Greases, Cutting Tools

Indutrial Oil & Chemicals
Contact Person: MR. PUNEET PARG
Tel No. - 9873759593
All Types Of Lubricating Oil, Transformer Oil, Hydraulic Oil, Gear Oil, Compressor Oil, Furnacr Oil, LDO, Mobile Oil, Vaccum Oil, Wax, Grease, Bottom, Cutting Oil, Clutch Oil.

Interflon India Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. SHASHI SHARMA
Tel No. 22 - 26608852
We Deal In Speciality Lubricants, Oils, Greases, Oil Additives, Aerosols, Food Grade Lubricants

Jetex Industries
Contact Person: MR. NARESH GADOYA
Tel No. 22 - 25000642
Lubricants, Oil, Greases, Aerosols

Kaiser Fluids Inc
Contact Person: MR. MANOJ SHETTY
Tel No. 80 - 26487384
Manufacturer Of Synthetic Lubricants, Aerosols, Greases, Coatings.

Kent Marketing Corporation
Contact Person: MR. M.S.MALLICK
Tel No. 0 - 9823727137
All Types Of Silicone Sealants, Lubricants, Greases, Dispersions, Silicone Emulsions, Amino Polymers, Masking Tapes, Packing Tapes And Packing Strips

Lub India Corporation
Contact Person: MR. MANISH HARWARA
Tel No. 2525 - 270482
Lubricating Oils, Greases, Molykote Greases, Silicone Oils, Silicone Greases, H.T.Greases

Lubritech Engineering
Tel No. 22 - 25243269
Dealers For Control Performance Lubricant Brands Like Tribol Optimol, Molub Alloy & Brayco

Mahalaxmi Lubricants
Contact Person: MR. RAJESH H. MIRGH
Tel No. - 9323750090
Manufacturer Of Grease And Oils

Matrix Enterprise
Contact Person: MR.JATIN PANDYA
Tel No. 22 - 25685556
Dealers Of Petroleum Products, Furnace Oil, Light Diesel Oil, Lubricants & Grease

Multibond Corporation
Contact Person: MR. SANTOSH JAIN
Tel No. 20 - 24265903
Speciality Lubricants, High Temp Grease, Oil, Synthetic Grease, Water Resistance Grease, Raw Rubber & Rubber Chemicals, Teflon Cloth & Tapes, Industrial Adhesives

Multivision Services Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. - 9831032251
Contaminated Industrial Oils, Furnace Oil, LDO And Greases

Nch India Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: NITIN JOSHI
Tel No. 22 - 9371878903
Wholesale Suppliers Of Fuel Oils, Lubricants, Interflon Fin Super, Lubricanting Greases, Food Grade Oils, Food Grade Lubricants, Food Grade Cleaners, Oil Additives, Wax, Wax Coating, Assembly Greases, Sealants, Cleaners & Degreasers.

Panama Petrochem Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 23427700 / 23445899
Manufacturer Of Liquid Paraffins, White Oil, Transformer Oil, Rubber Process Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Spray Oil, Spindle Oil, Greases

Petro Chem Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. VASA I.M.
Tel No. 22 - 26665591
Manufacturer Of Lubricants, Industrial Oils And Greases

Petroleum Products Of India
Contact Person: MR. RAKESH GUPTA
Tel No. 11 - 29544838
Processors, Industrial Oils, Lubricants, Greases

Pipearts Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: MR U B VAIDYA
Tel No. 2137 - 252219
Oil Hydraulic, Grease, Lubricants

Power Max
Contact Person:
Tel No. 33 - 24129399
Lubricating Oils, Greases, Speciality Oils

Prashant Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. AVINASH THAKAR
Tel No. 22 - 28936389
Lubricating Oils And Greases And All Types Of Petroleum Products

Contact Person: MR. DEVILAL KHAROL
Tel No. - 9325079327
Distributors Of Industrial Lubricants And Greases

Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 25984241
Deals In: Full Range Of Industrial & Automotive Oils & Greases

Contact Person: MR. VIPUL V.GOSALIA - DIR.
Tel No. 22 - 25060532 / 533 / 32493428 / 32681197
Industrial Oil, Industrial Greases, Oil, Greases, Automotive Oil, Automotive Greases, Automotive & Industrial Oil & Greases, Authorised Distributor For Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

Rahul Enterprise
Contact Person: MR.SHETH
Tel No. 231 - 6512872
All Kinds Of Lubricants & Greases

Raj Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. RAJ RAJPUT
Tel No. 240 - 2552833
Dist. High Performance Lubricants, Greases & Speciality Oils

Rashita Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. RAHUL PAWAR
Tel No. 231 - 2672527
Lubricants- Oil, Greases (HPCL)

Tel No. 22 - 64288482
We Deal In Trading Of Paints, Oil, Grease, Marine Items and all Kinds Of Scrap Material.

Rsb Chemical Industries
Contact Person: MR. R.P. BANSAL
Tel No. 20 - 27120805
Manufacturer Of Silicone And Aerosol Products like Silicone Oils Fluids, Silicone Emulsions, Silicone Defoamers/ Antifoams, Silicone Greases/ Compounds, Silicone Aerosol Sprays, etc.

Rushabh Enterprise
Tel No. 22 - 25060260
Type Of Spillage, Liquids & Semi Liquids, Oil Diesel, Petrol, Chemical, Grease, Paints

Saif Petroleums
Contact Person: MR. MURTAZA
Tel No. - 9372066500
Manufacturers Of All kinds Of Petroleum Products such As Hydraulic Engine, Gear Oils, Cutting Oils, Machine Oils And Other Oils And Greases

Saisoumya Agencies
Tel No. 891 - 2561537
Greases And Lubricants Barrel

Samsol India Pvt Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. PUSHKAR RAJ
Tel No. 250 - 2407620
Manufacturer And Distribute All Types Of Industrial Oils, Greases, Silicon Oils

Sanchit Trading Corp.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 27833084
Deals In All Kinds Of Industrial & Automobiles Oils & Greases

Shreeji Bearing
Contact Person:
Tel No. 11 - 23214490 / 23214400
Bearings, Skf Multipurpose Grease, Skf Seals & Sprockets & Maintenance Products

Sonachi Industries Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. ATUL WASAIKAR
Tel No. 22 - 66929981 / 82
Manufacturer Lubricants, Hydraulic Oil, Greases, Industrial Chemicals

Contact Person: MR. V.D.MOHITE
Tel No. 22 - 27422628
Automotive & Industrial Lubricant, Greases

Sri Chakra Lubes Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. Y.C.BABU
Tel No. 413 - 2611201
Manufacturer Of Greases And Oils

Supreme Silicones
Tel No. 240 - 2554194
Silicon Emulsion, Antifoam/ Defoamer, Antitrust Lubricant, High Temp, Grease, Textile Softenerm Construction Water Proffing Chemical General, Rubberm Electronic As well Textile Chemicals

Unicity Petrochems & Co.
Contact Person: MR. MODY
Tel No. 22 - 22066635
Speciality Lubricants, MOS2/ GR/ Silicone/Teflon Grease, Forging Lubes, Metal Treatment

Unicorn Oil & Chem Corporation
Contact Person: MR. KAPIL MISHRA
Tel No. - 9820944004
Engine Oil, Lubricants and Grease

Unit Grease Of India
Contact Person: MR. PREM CHAWLA
Tel No. 11 - 23643852
Manufacturer Of Grease, Lithium Grease, Sodium Grease, Calcium Grease

Ursa Associates
Contact Person: MR. UNMESH DIVAN
Tel No. 22 - 65244814
Lubricants, Agip, Rocol, Novalube, Gs Caltex, Safety Products-Googles, Gloves Etc

Valvoline Cummins Ltd.
Tel No. 0251 - 6615706 / 744
Engine Oil, Gear Oil & Greases (Lubricant).

Vardhaman Engineering
Tel No. 22 - 26438939
Surface Coating Heat Resistant Paints, All Types Of Industrial Paints, Synthetic Lubricants And Greases, Silicon Oil And Greases

Vardhman Steel Industries
Contact Person: MR. JAYANT SHAH
Tel No. 22 - 25785786
Purchase & Sell Of Industrial & Automotive Oil & Grease, Dealing in M.S.Profile, M.S.Plate, Channel Round, etc

Vikram Oil Industries
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 23895329/36
Industrial & Automation Oil, Grease Transformer Oil

Visco Engineers.
Contact Person: MR. KRIPA SHANKAR
Tel No. 522 - 2311037
Oil Skimmer For The Separation Of Oil / Grease And Lubricants, Over Band Magnetic Separator, Grill Magnet.

Yale Synthlube Industries
Tel No. 22 - 22183108
Synthetic Lubricants & Greases
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