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Suraj Coats
Contact Person: MR.SURAJ BORADE
Tel No. - 8888188844
Manufactures Of Marine Paints, Aluminium Paints Heat Resistant, Epoxy Coatings, Heat Resistant Paints, Industrial Coating, Industrial Paints, Lacquers And Clear Coats, Lead Free Paints, Polyurethane Paints, Red Oxide Synthetic, Red Oxide, Reducer, Synthetic Enamels, Thinners, Varnishes, Wood Coating

Pioneer Coats
Tel No. 20 - 25444237 / 9822328169 / 9881069255 / 9922917933
Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Industrial Paints & Primers, Polyurethane Paints / Primers, Epoxy Paints, Epoxy Primers, Stoving Paints / Thermosetting Acrylic Stoving Paints, Wood Coatings, PUD Coatings for Wood, Thermoplastic Acrylic Paints for Plastics, Anticorrosive Primers, Wood Strainers, Industrial Paints, Chlorinated Rubber Paints, All Types Of Thinners, Etch Primer for Aluminium / Galvanise Steel, Anti Corrosive Paints, Synthetic Enamel Paint, Quick Drying Paint, Varnishes, All Types of Primer Paint , Industrial Grade, Automobiles Paints.

Aryalac Chemicals
Contact Person: MR. SANDEEP PAWAR
Tel No. - 9867830626
Putty, Paints, Wood Coatings.

Vishwakarma Poly Coats
Tel No. 0 - 7276040261
PU Coating, Epoxy Coating, Metalic Coating, Stipol Finish , Strecher Finish, Wood Finish, All Types of Industrial And Decorative Painting.

Carbolink India Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person:
Tel No. 040 - 23700524
Flooring, Waterproofing, Wood Coatings, Decorative Flooring.

Marudhar Paints & Polymers
Contact Person: MR. ASHISH MATHUR
Tel No. 293 - 1281114
Manufacturer of All Types of Quality Paints, Thinners, Printing Inks & Wood Coating.

Swaraj Paints Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. NAND KISHORE
Tel No. - 9810136180
Industrial & Specialized Paints & Wood Coating.

Valspar (India) Coatings Corporation Pvt.Ltd.
Tel No. 80 - 39112803
Manufacturer of Packaging Coatings, Wood Coatings & Automotive Coatings.

Rapid Coat Division
Contact Person: MR. VISHNU MISHRA
Tel No. 120 - 4041600 / 2896655
Manufacturer Offering A Wide Range Of Thermosetting And Thermoplastic Powder Coatings For Various Indoor, Outdoor, Architectural And Functional Applications.

Laxmi Coating Solution
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 65104449 / 27619016
PVDF Coating, Wood Finish Coating, Powder Coating, Colour Anodising.

M.J.Coaters Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MS. ANILA
Tel No. - 9930265701
PVDF Coating, Wood Finish & Powder Coating.

Esdee Paints Ltd
Contact Person:
Tel No. 22 - 25217982
Paint & Related Products.

Advance Paints Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. H. C. SHETH
Tel No. 22 - 28590162
Industrial Paints,Wood Coatings,High Performance Protective Coatings,Innovative High Performance Coatings.

Coatings & Coatings (India) P.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. MANISH BAYANI
Tel No. 22 - 27411601 / 9821716801
Wood Coating, Foundry Coating

Sansui Paints
Tel No. 22 - 28474545
Sinclair Temporary Protection Coating, Peelable Coating, Strippable Coatings, Ermine Wood Coatings
Gulmohar Pack-Tech India Pvt.Ltd.
Packing Materials, Air Bubble Bags, Air Bubble Film For Packaging, Air Bubble Rolls, Angle Board
Suraj Coats
Manufactures Of Marine Paints, Aluminium Paints Heat Resistant, Epoxy Coatings, Heat Resistant Paint
Desai Industries
Distributor, Dealers, Suppliers Of Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Caustic Soda, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrochloric Acid
Arnav Agencies
Authorised Distributor For Gandhar Oil Refinery, Platina Oil Field Pvt.Ltd.Industrial Oil, All Types Of Automobile & Industrial Oil, Spindle, Engine Oils, Passenger Car Oils, Gear Oils, Four Stroke Engine Oils, Pump Set Oils, Power Tiller Oil,
Aditya Polymers
Synthetic Adhesives, Packing Adhesives
Montana International
Industrial Belts Timing Belts, V-Belts, high quality power transmission belts
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